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You are looking at glycoprotein receptor sites on the surface of a red blood cell in the image in our banner at the top of this page. This glycan layer is the operating system (OS) for cellular communication. Sugars give LIFE to the cell.

Like thick fuzz on a peach, healthy cells are coated with these Smart Sugars.  Unhealthy cells have less dense glycans or, as on cancer cells, these polysacchrides are missing altogether, leaving the cancer cells bald,  toxic, and infectious. Medical scientists agree that the Gold Standard for future medical diagnostics, especially for cancer, will be to analyze the quantity and quality of these glycoproteins in the human body.

The future of medicine and healthcare is Glycoscience.  Scientists agree that the explosive technological advances in Glycoscience will transform medicine and healthcare.  While at it, Glycoscience has the potential to dramatically reduce healthcare costs.

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